May 9, 2016

VOIP Phone Service

With globalized markets and staff always on the move business communication requirements are changing.  Email and chat messages between teams needs to be accessible from any device, data and information needs to be shared in real-time and voice communication needs to be adaptive no matter where your team members are located.  Voice Over IP or simply VOIP makes this possible.

With VOIP Phone Service you’re able to have all the features of a corporate phone system without the high costs of major equipment, copper phone lines and best of all, no matter where you are you’re always connected.  Our services are aimed at making life easier for businesses that need to communicate.

Matter Of Technology VOIP Phone Service Offers:

  • Lower cost over copper phone lines.
  • No bulky hardware or servers to buy.
  • Connect employees around the globe.
  • User Friendly.
  • Highly and customizable
  • Convenient & accessible on any device.
  • Dependable.

Matter Of Technology partners with several VOIP system manufactures to offer a highly customizable service for our clients.  We take care of everything from the initial design to long-term maintenance and support.  Give us a call today to learn about VOIP Phone Service.

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