May 6, 2016

24/7 Help Desk Support

IT Help Desk Support Service

Matter Of Technology 24/7 help desk support service is available for all of your devices; anytime, anywhere.  We provide a US based team of highly trained technicians to monitor, manage and support your business hardware and applications.  Our highly customizable support service provides a skilled team, using a best practices approach, completing continuous training, utilizing industry leading monitoring software and ticketing systems to provide the support you need ensuring your business stays productive.  Our support service also maintains asset records for daily management, allows us remote access to provide support and provides detailed reporting for your review.  Best of all – there’s no additional equipment required, no costly investment of hiring and maintaining a help desk staff, or no retention or training issues.

Matter Of Technology can provide your organization with excellent 24x7x365 support ranging from minor end-user application or hardware issues to complex infrastructure management.  We handle training your users, maintaining detailed support tickets, asset tracking and more.  You can completely rely on the expertise of our highly dedicated support team.

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Features and benefits of our 24/7 IT Support Services

  • Easy accessibility: You can reach us by phone, email or website and our IT Help Desk will quickly address any IT issues.
  • Multi-platform support: We offer 24/7 support for desktops, mobile phones, laptops, Windows PCs, Servers, e-mail, Microsoft Exchange, and MAC OS.
  • Reduced Wait time: You won’t have to wait days for an issue to be addressed. You can get help instantly from our 24/7 Support desk.
  • Affordable: No additional equipment, no costs of employees. We offer your business a superior support service at an affordable price.
  • Advanced ticketing system- Our innovative ticketing system ensures issues are addressed or escalated before they become an incident or equipment failure.  You always have access to our customer portal to track the status and view updates.
  • On-site service- For issues that cannot be handled remotely, we dispatch our support staff to your premises to make sure your issues are resolved efficiently.
  • Installation of patches and updates: To make sure we don’t interrupt your regular office activities, we install updates and provide patches after your office’s working hours.

Contact us today to learn how our 24x7x365 support services can help your business.